Integration with MapleNet

Maple WWW Documentation

Maple WWW is integrated with MapleNet to bring live computations directly to your browser.

Configure MapleNet

1. Click MapleNet in the Maple WWW Menu to open the configuration dialog.
2. Enter the URL of your MapleNet server into the Server URL field. For example:,
3. Enter the port of your server into the Server Port field. Usually it is 80.
4. Enter the path of the server. For example: /maplenet/mnserver. Leave blank if your server is situated in the root of your domain.
5. Check Remember for this session only checkbox to save the configuration for the current session only. When you close the worksheet, the credentials will be automatically removed.
6. Click Apply button to save the configuration.

Configure Security

- If your server is secured by the Basic Authentication, use Basic Authentication section to enter username and password.
- If MapleNet on the server is secured by a password, use MapleNet Password section to specify it.

External Access

To allow to use your MapleNet server in Maple worksheets that are not hosted on your website, you need to add Access-Control-Allow-Origin header to maple-www.js file.