Installation Instructions

Maple WWW Documentation

You need three steps to install Maple WWW on your website and use it for your Maple worksheets.

Install on your Local Computer

To install and use Maple WWW on your local computer, use intallation instructions on the Appendix A page of this documentation.

Install on your Server

Step 1: Download

Download maple-www.js on the Download page and put it on your website.

Step 2: MIME Type Configuration

By default, Maple worksheets (*.mw) are served with application/octet-stream MIME type. Therefore, when you try to view a worksheet, the browser downloads it but not open.

Thus, your server should serve .mw files as regular HTML/XHTML pages to be able to open them in browsers.
Configure you server to use application/xhtml+xml MIME type for .mw files.

Step 3: Add maple-www.js to Maple worksheets

- Manually
You also can add maple-www.js to your worksheets manually using the following tools on DigiArea GitHub repository:
Maple WWW Java - a Java tool with command line interface to prepare Maple worksheets for Maple WWW technology.
Maple WWW Module - a Maple module to prepare Maple Worksheets for Maple WWW technology using Maple.
Download and use the tools on your local computer to add maple-www.js to your Maple worksheets. The resulted worksheets can be placed on your website and open in a browser.
- Automatically
To automate adding of maple-www.js script to worksheets that your users upload to the server, you can create scripts/cron jobs/services that listen the folders and automatically add the script to the new/updated worksheets.

The script should be added after the point where the <Worksheet> tag starts:
In this case, your users can smoothly upload and update theirs worksheets and always have them openable in the web.

Maple WWW includes ready-to-use tools and scripts for most common servers.
The tools are available for users with Premium Support.