Appendix A

Test Maple WWW on your Local Computer

You can test and try Maple WWW on your local computer using the following five simple steps.

Step 1: Download Maple WWW

Download Maple WWW on the Download page.

Step 2: Choose a Worksheet

Place a Maple worksheet of your choice into the folder where maple-www.js is located.

Step 3: Prepare a Worksheet

Open your worksheet in any text editor.

For example:
  • Windows users can use Notepad
  • Ubuntu users can use GEdit
  • Mac OS users can use TextEdit

Step 4: Add maple-www.js

Find the <Worksheet> tag start at the beginning of your document.
Copy and paste the following code after this point:
Now your worksheet can look like the following:

Step 5: Save and Open

Save your worksheet and open it in the Google Chrome, FireFox or Opera browser.
If you want to open your worksheet in Safari or Internet Explorer, you need to change the extenstion of your worksheet from mw to xml because of restrictions that these browsers have. When you use Maple WWW on the server, it works in any browser without any changes.
To add maple-www.js to a large amount of Maple worksheets, you can use Maple WWW tools for bulk installation of Maple WWW.