Maple WWW Overview

Maple WWW Documentation

Maple WWW is a JavaScript application that uses pure web technologies such as WebGL and SVG for 2D and 3D graphics, HTML5 and CSS3 for worksheet rendering. Since Maple WWW is based on modern web technologies only, it does not require any plugins or extensions to work.

How It Works

The approach behind Maple WWW technology is simple.

A Maple worksheet is a simple XML file. Maple WWW Application is a JavaScript file (maple-www.js). Therefore, we can insert maple-www.js to any Maple worksheet using xhtml:script XHTML tag.

When you open such Maple worksheet in a browser, it runs maple-www.js script that generates an HTML document from the worksheet on the fly. The browser shows the generated document as any other web page. Besides basic elements such as text and tables, the generated HTML document contains interactive components such as 2D and 3D graphics.

As a result, we use the same Maple worksheet and make it viewable in the web without any plugins or extensions on any devices and screens.

Read the Appendix A: Test Maple WWW on your Local Computer page to quickly test and try Maple WWW on your local computer.

How It Works on a Server

To open Maple worksheets on your website, you need to place them in the folder of your choice on your server.
The next steps are to configure MIME type for *.mw files and install Maple WWW Server Tools that automatically add maple-www.js script to worksheets.

When you server is configured, everyone across the web can view your worksheets directly in a browser.
When a user downloads the worksheet using Download action in the Maple WWW Menu, the application saves pure Maple Worksheet without maple-www.js script.

As a result, the user gets the original Maple Worksheet that you uploaded on your server and can open it in Maple as usual.