Frequently Asked Questions


What is Maple WWW?

Maple WWW is a pure web technology that brings interactive Maple Worksheets to the World Wide Web and allows you to open them in your browser without any additional plugins or extensions.

Does Maple WWW need Maple to work?

No. Maple WWW does not need Maple to work.

If I use Maple WWW, do my users/readers/students need to be familiar with Maple?

No. Maple WWW allows an internet user to open and view Maple Worksheets even if he/she does not know about Maple at all.

Can Maple WWW execute my worksheets?

No. Maple WWW does not execute worksheets.

Can I interact with graphics using Maple WWW?

Yes, all plots are live. With Maple WWW you can rotate and move plots, play animations, and much more directly inside your browser.

Does Maple WWW support live computations and embedded controls?

Yes. Maple WWW is integrated with MapleNet to bring live computations directly in your browser.

Can I use Maple WWW on my tablet or mobile?

Yes. Maple WWW can be used on any tablet or mobile with an internet connection and a modern browser.

Can I use Maple WWW offline?

No. You need an internet connection to use Maple WWW.

Can I host Maple WWW application (maple-www.js) on my website?

Yes. To use Maple WWW you should host maple-www.js on your website or any other server of your choice.

Does Maple WWW apply any limitations to my worksheets?

No. Maple WWW fully supports Maple Worksheets and its features such as plots, canvases, animations etc.

Can Maple WWW break my worksheets?

No. Maple WWW does not break your worksheets.
Your worksheets can be opened, edited and executed in Maple as usual.


Is Maple WWW free to use?

Yes, Maple WWW is free for personal noncommercial use and non-profit organizations.

Nevertheless, if you want to use Maple WWW for commercial purposes, on commercial websites or in commercial organizations, please contact us.

Please explore Licenses page for more details.

Can I use Maple WWW on my website?

Yes, you can use Maple WWW on non-profit websites and non-commercial websites for non-commercial use.

Please explore Licenses page for mode details.


Is there a manual for Maple WWW?

Maple WWW is very straightforward to use.
There is the Documentation guide that can help you start using Maple WWW.

Where can I see a demo of Maple WWW?


How do I report a bug or give feedback about Maple WWW?

To report a bug or give feedback, please contact us using this form.