Replacing a Maple File With a Local History Edition

The default Maple is used for compiling and launching Maple programs in all projects unless you specifically override the default Maple on a launch configuration.

  1. Open a Maple editor for the Maple file which you want to replace with an edition from the local history.
    - OR -
    Select the Maple files that you want to replace in the Package Explorer.
  2. From the element's pop-up menu (right-click), select Replace With > Element from Local History

  3. In the upper pane of the resulting dialog, all available editions of the selected element in the local history are displayed.
  4. Select an edition in the upper pane to view the differences between the selected edition and the edition in the workbench.
  5. When you have identified the edition with which you want to replace the existing Maple file, click Replace.

  6. The local history edition replaces the current one in the editor. Note: The changed Maple file has not yet been saved at this point.