Maple Templates

The Maple Templates provides a system of templates for adding common fragments of Maple code. Inside a Maple source file, enter Ctrl+Space. This should bring up the template choices, as shown below.

Adding a new template

You can add to the list of templates by using the Template page of the Maple preferences.

  1. Open the Maple > Templates preference page.
  2. Select the New... button. The Add Template wizard opens.

  3. Enter the name and description for your template.
  4. Select the context that determines where a template is available.
  5. Enter patter of your template and click OK.

Editing templates

Editing templates is a simple process, and you can edit templates that you create, as well as predefined templates.

  1. Navigate to the Maple > Environments preferences page.
  2. Select the template you want to edit. You should be looking at the same window you saw when you created a template.
  3. Editing the template is simply a matter of changing the values for any of the fields you desire and clicking OK.
  4. If you change the name of the template, you should see the following window:

    If your intention is to rename the existing template, simply click No and you're done.
    If you click Yes a copy of the existing template is saved with the new name.

Deleting a template

Deleting a template is as simple as selecting it in the templates data grid in the Preferences pane and clicking Remove

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