Using Content Assist

As you type the name of a command you can enter Ctrl+Space to get a list of possible completions. The choices will match the part of the name that has been entered. While the completion list is visible you can continue typing and the number of choices will narrow. Clicking one of the items in the list will select that name and give the usage message for the item. Double-clicking any item will insert the name into the code file and remove the choice list.

To use Content Assist:

  1. Enter the first few characters of the required code element into the editor.
  2. Press Ctrl+Space to open Content Assist.

  3. Use the arrow keys to scroll through the code completion options. The window on the right will display descriptions and hints for using the selected code element.
  4. Select the required option by double-clicking it or selecting it and pressing Enter.
    The selected code will be inserted into your script.