Console View

The Console View displays a variety of console types depending on the type of development and the current set of user settings.

The Process Console are running when Maple file or project is launched.

You can change settings for consoles on the Run/Debug > Console preference page.

The commands available in the Console View are listed below.

Console View Commands





Clear Console

Clear Console

Clears the currently active console, and is available as both a view command and a contextual menu item.

Context menu and view action
Display Selected Console Display Selected Console Opens a listing of current consoles and allows you to select which one you would like to see. View action
Open Console Open Console Opens a new console of the selected type. View action
Pin Current Console Pin Pins the current console to remain on top of all other consoles. View action
Scroll Lock Scroll Lock Changes if scroll lock should be enabled or not in the current console. Context menu and view action

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