Process Console

When you launch Maple project or file, the Process Console shows the output of a process and allows you to provide keyboard input to a process.

The Process Console shows three different kinds of text:

  • Standard output
  • Standard error
  • Standard input

You can choose the different colors for these kinds of text on the Run/Debug > Console preference page.

The extra commands available in the Process Console are listed below.

Process Console Commands





Copy Selected Console Material Copy Copies the selected material from the console onto the system clipboard. Context menu
Cut Selected Console Material Cut Copies the selected material to the system clipboard and removes it from the console. Context menu
  Find/Replace Allows you to search for and replace s specified expression. Context menu
Paste Into Console Paste Pastes material saved on the system clipboard into the current console. Context menu
  Preferences... Opens the Console Preference Page, allowing you to customize you consoles. Context menu
Remove All Terminatede Launches Remove All Terminated Launches Removes all of the terminated launches from the current console. Context menu and view action
Remove Current Launch Remove Launch Removes the current launch from the console. View action
Terminate Terminate Terminates the running launch in the current console. View action
  Select All Selects all of the contents of the current console. Context menu

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