Adding new modules

  1. Start adding a module by typing the following in the Maple file using the Maple editor. As soon as you type the module keyword in the editor area, the new module appears at the bottom of the Outline view.

    New module in the Maple Outline view

    NOTE: The most efficient way to create common statements such as module, proc, if etc. is using Maple Code Templates.
    In addition,
    1. error annotations (red boxes) appear in the overview ruler positioned on the right hand side of the editor,
    2. error icons appear in the vertical ruler positioned on the left of the editor,
    3. an error indicator appears in the top right corner of the editor,

    These error annotations indicate that the Maple element (module) is currently not correct. If you hover over the error in the text, a tool tip appears: mismatched input ' <EOF> ' expecting 'end' . This is correct since the module doesn't have an end yet. Note that error annotations in the editor are updated as you type.

    Maple Editor - Error annotations in vertical and overview ruler

  2. Click the Save button. The Maple file is compiled automatically and errors appear in the Package Explorer view, in the Problems view and on the vertical ruler (left hand side of the editor).

  3. Complete the new module by typing the following:

      //TODO module body
    end module;

  4. Save the file. Notice that the error indicators disappear since the missing end has been added.