Maple Libname

The Maple libname is used while building and running a Maple project and files to discover dependent projects and libraries.

The libname specifies which Maple source files in a project are considered by the Maple builder and specifies how to find Maple symbols, exported variables etc. outside of the project so that symbols can be made available for Launching, Content Assist options, Refactoring operations etc.

The Maple builder compiles the Maple source files into the output folder. The libname is specified for each project. In the project properties, it is referred to as the Maple > Build Path.
The libname for a Maple project can include one Maple environment, source code folders, other Maple projects, folders containing Maple libraries (.mla fiels).

Libname entries

  • Maple Environment - a Maple environment - a path to project specific Maple environment. Each project can have one Maple environment.
  • Maple Source Folder - a source folder - a folder containing Maple source files (.maple files). Source folders are used to better structure source files in large projects.
  • Maple Output Folder - a output folder - a folder containing target Maple archive file (.mla file).
  • Maple Archive (.mla) - a Maple library - a Maple archive file (contained inside or outside the workspace) required by this project.
  • Maple Folder - a Maple folder - a folder (contained inside or outside the workspace) containing Maple archive files.
  • Maple Project - a prerequisite project - another Maple project. A prerequisite project always contributes its target Maple archive file to dependent projects.

Order and Export

While compiling and running, Maple builder searches the specified libraries in the order specified by the sequence in the libname. If a Maple folder contains more than one library, Maple searches the libraries in the priority order specified in the archive.

The Predefined Variable libname

A project's Maple Environment, Maple folders, Maple archives and Target archive is added to the Maple predefined variable libname in the specified order while compiling and running your Maple project.
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